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The King Jesus Gospel The Original Good News Revisited

Contemporary evangelicals have built a ‘salvation culture’ but not a ‘gospel culture.’ Evangelicals have reduced the gospel to the message of personal salvation. This book makes a plea for us to recover the old gospel as that which is still new and still fresh. The book stands on four arguments: that the gospel is defined by the apostles in 1 Corinthians 15 as the completion of the Story of Israel in the saving Story of Jesus; that the gospel is found in the Four Gospels; that the gospel was preached by Jesus; and that the sermons in the Book of Acts are the best example of gospeling in the New Testament. The King Jesus Gospel ends with practical suggestions about evangelism and about building a gospel culture. ~ Book Description

Table of Contents

    • Foreword by N.T. Wright   11
    • Foreword by Dallas Willard   15
    • 1971   17
    • 1. The Big Question   23
    • 2. Gospel Culture or Salvation Culture?   28
    • 3. From Story to Salvation   34
    • 4. The Apostolic Gospel of Paul   45
    • 5. How Did Salvation Take Over the Gospel?   63
    • 6. The Gospel in the Gospels?   78
    • 7. Jesus and the Gospel   92
    • 8. The Gospel of Peter   113
    • 9. Gospeling Today   132
    • 10. Creating a Gospel Culture   146
    • Appendix 1: Summary Statements in the New Testament   161
    • Appendix 2: Justin Martyr, First Apology 66–67   164
    • Appendix 3: Sermons in Acts   166
    • After Words   176
    • Notes   178