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The Lost World of Genesis One

John H. Walton (InterVarsity Press: May 2009), 192 pages.

Here is a book that calls out to be read and discussed-widely and thoughtfully-by serious-minded Christians, inquiring scientists, high school science teachers and students. Those entrenched on either side of the creation/evolution debate owe it to themselves and others to read and consider carefully John Walton’s evidence, arguments, insights and remarkable conclusions. • “This book presents a profoundly important new analysis of the meaning of Genesis. Digging deeply into the original Hebrew language and the culture of the people of Israel in Old Testament times, respected scholar John Walton argues convincingly that Genesis was intended to describe the creation of the functions of the cosmos, not its material nature. In the process, he elevates Scripture to a new level of respectful understanding, and eliminates any conflict between scientific and scriptural descriptions of origins.” ~ Francis S. Collins

Table of Contents

    • Prologue 7
    • Introduction 9
    • Proposition 1 Genesis 1 Is Ancient Cosmology 16
    • Proposition 2 Ancient Cosmology Is Function Oriented 23
    • Proposition 3 “Create” (Hebrew bara) Concerns Functions 38
    • Proposition 4 The Beginning State in Genesis 1 Is Nonfunctional 47
    • Proposition 5 Days One to Three in Genesis 1 Establish Functions 54
    • Proposition 6 Days Four to Six in Genesis 1 Install Functionaries 63
    • Proposition 7 Divine Rest Is in a Temple 72
    • Proposition 8 The Cosmos Is a Temple 78
    • Proposition 9 The Seven Days of Genesis 1 Relate to the Cosmic Temple Inauguration 87
    • Proposition 10 The Seven Days of Genesis 1 Do Not Concern Material Origins 93
    • Proposition 11 “Functional Cosmic Temple” Offers Face-Value Exegesis 102
    • Proposition 12 Other Theories of Genesis 1 Either Go Too Far or Not Far Enough 108
    • Proposition 13 The Difference Between Origin Accounts in Science and Scripture Is Metaphysical in Nature 114
    • Proposition 14 God’s Roles as Creator and Sustainer Are Less Different Than We Have Thought 119
    • Proposition 15 Current Debate About Intelligent Design Ultimately Concerns Purpose 125
    • Proposition 16 Scientific Explanations of Origins Can Be Viewed in Light of Purpose, and If So, Are Unobjectionable 132
    • Proposition 17 Resulting Theology in This View of Genesis 1 Is Stronger, Not Weaker 142
    • Proposition 18 Public Science Education Should Be Neutral Regarding Purpose 152
    • Summary and Conclusions 162
    • FAQs 169
    • Notes 174
    • Index 191