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The Love of Wisdom

Steven B. Cowan and James S. Spiegel (Broadman & Hollman: Apr 2009), 480 pages.

Philosophy is defined as the love of wisdom, and college students will certainly admire this Bible-informed introductory level textbook’s fun approach to an often heady subject. The Love of Wisdom is made distinct in its engaging style that includes humor and copious popular culture illustrations to heighten reader interest and clarify important concepts. The book even addresses two key topics often omitted by other texts: political philosophy and aesthetics (beauty and the arts). Students and teachers can also make great use of the study questions for each chapter, a glossary of terms, and further reading suggestions. ~ From the Publisher

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • What Is Philosophy? 1
  • Part 1 The Study of Knowledge
    • Chapter 1 Logic and Truth: What Is Truth? 16
    • Chapter 2 Epistemology: How Do We Know? 47
    • Chapter 3 Philosophy of Science: What Can Science Tell Us? 101
  • Part 2 The Study of Being
    • Chapter 4 Metaphysics: What Is Real? 144
    • Chapter 5 Human Nature: What Am I? 198
    • Chapter 6 Philosophy of Religion: Is There a God? 254
  • Part 3 The Study of Value
    • Chapter 7 Ethics: How Should We Live? 318
    • Chapter 8 Political Philosophy: What Is a Just Society? 373
    • Chapter 9 Aesthetics: What Is Beauty? 418
    • Glossary 451
    • Index 465