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The New Atheism

Victor J. Stenger (Prometheus Books: Sep 2009), 250 pages.

Recent books by authors such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens lay out some of the core ideas of what has been dubbed the "New Atheism" and have generated significant buzz. Stenger (philosophy, Univ. of Colorado; God: The Failed Hypothesis: How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist) continues the debate with a review and defense of some of the key principles of the New Atheism as well as a general response to some of its critics. This book is largely focused on the scientific and expands upon Stenger’s thesis that the question of God’s existence is not beyond science. It also debunks numerous myths about religion and atheism and explores the possibility of a nontheistic "way of nature" based on the teachings of ancient sages such as Lao Tzu. Although the text is not as engaging or well written as some of the other New Atheist books, and the level and quantity of science may make it difficult for some general readers, this book is recommended for those already interested and engaged in the current discussion about God and religion, from either side of the fence. ~ Brian T. Sullivan for Library Journal

Table of Contents

    • Ingersoll’s Vow 9
    • Preface 11
    • 1  Atheism on the Offensive     19
    • 2  The Folly of Faith     45
    • 3  The Sword of Science     67
    • 4  The Design Delusion     87
    • 5  Holy Smoke     107
    • 6  Suffering and Morality     135
    • 7  The Nature of Nature     159
    • 8  The Nature of Mind     177
    • 9  The Way of Nature     201
    • 10  The Future of Atheism     225
    • Bibliography 249
    • Acknowledgments 263
    • Index 265
    • About the Author 281