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The Philosophy of Religion Reader

Chad Meister (Routledge: Nov 2, 2007), 736 pages. Companion to the Introduction.

In the past, most philosophy of religion anthologies focused exclusively on Western theistic issues such as arguments for and against God’s existence, religious language, morality, the nature of God, and so forth. While much work in the field is still Western and theistic in nature (and these are indeed yet productive and fertile times for engaging in such issues), religious parochialism is unwarranted, and the discussion is now beginning to swing in broader directions. There are rich traditions of philosophical thought in non-Western and non-theistic religions, and as the world community has globalized in myriad ways in recent decades, such interaction, engagement, and expansion should be reflected in philosophical and religious publications as well. So besides traditional Western issues (including such recent ones as intelligent design and open theism), I have also included in my reader non-theistic perspectives of ultimate reality and their responses to evil, religious experience, and death and the afterlife. I have also included some of the recent trends which are often ignored in anthologies such as feminism in philosophy of religion and religion and the environment. In addition, I wanted this work to be a useful reader and guide for students, so I included a significant number of pedagogical tools (as I note below). I don’t think any reader/anthology on the market has as many student aids. ~ Chad Meister


    • Religious Diversity
    • The Nature and Attributes of God
    • Arguments for and Against the Existence of God
    • Science
    • Faith and Miracles
    • The Self and Human Condition
    • Religious Experience
    • The Problem of Evil and Suffering
    • Death and the Afterlife.

An Interview with Chad Meister about his Philosophy of Religion Reader on the Evangelical Society Blog (April 29, 2008).