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The Reconstruction of the Christian Revelation Claim

Stuart C. Hackett (Wipf & Stock Publishers: Jan 2009), 349 pages.

Dr. Hackett provides, in digestible form, a comprehensive, systematic, and pervasively philosophical apologetic for the Christian revelation claim. Although the approach is seriously philosophical, the text is free as possible of the earmarks of technical scholarship-reflecting the author’s aspiration to "reach the common person who has a deep interest in such questions."

Table of Contents

    • Preface 9
    • Introduction: Philosophical Prolegomena 11
    • Foundations of Religious Knowledge 13
    • The Development of the Concept of Revelation 70
  • Part I Christianity and the Revelational Cosmos –
    A Philosophical Case for a Theistic Metaphysic

    • The Development of the Theistic Position 87
    • The Possibility of the Cosmos: A Conceptual Argument 90
    • The Actuality of the Cosmos: A Causal Argument 96
    • The Structure of the Cosmos: A Purposive Argument 103
    • The Climax of the Cosmos: An Anthropological Argument 107
    • The Value Dimension of the Cosmos: A Moral Argument 111
    • Viable Alternatives and Critical Objections 118
    • Logical Conventionalism and the Analytic-Empirical Objection to Theism 118
    • Metaphysical Naturalism and the Denial of Theistic Transcendence 127
    • The Chance Hypothesis and the Irrelevance of Purposive Explanation 131
    • Emergent Evolutionism and the Naturalistic Explanation of the Mind 136
    • Ethical Relativism and the Rejection of an Objective Moral Order 152
    • The Culmination of General Revelation 162
    • In Relation to the Knowledge of God 162
    • In Relation to the Predicament of Man 165
    • In Relation to the Expectation of Reason 166
  • Part II Christianity and the Revelational Person –
    An Historical/Critical Case for the Incarnation of God in Jesus Christ

    • The Christian Concept of the Christ 181
    • In Relation to His Person 181
    • In Relation to His Vocation 197
    • In Relation to His Position as the Pivotal Basis of the Christian Truth-Claim 202
    • The Critical Controversy Concerning the Christ 210
    • In Relation to His Person 210
    • In Relation to His Vocation 237
    • A Concluding Christological Synthesis 247
    • Christology and the Christian Revelation Claim 247
    • Christology and Comparative Religious Philosophy 249
    • Concluding Estimate on the Critical Objections in Christology 253
  • Part III Christianity and the Revelational Word –
    The Propositional Expression of Revelation in Scripture

    • The Bible and Its Structure: The Internal Nature of Propositional Revelation 257
    • The Claim of Scripture 257
    • The Canon of Scripture 298
    • The Coherence of Scripture 302
    • The Bible and Science: The External Relation of Scripture Propositions to Scientific Truth-Claims 311
    • The Nature and Limitations of Scientific Methodology 311
    • The Relation Between Scientific Theories and the Biblical Perspective 316
    • The Evidential Support of the Scriptural Revelation Claim in the Area of Scientific Subject Matter 320
    • The Bible and Christian Religious Experience: The Progressive Realization of Scriptural Truth-Claims in Personal Life 330
    • The Apologetic Significance of Christian Religious Experience 330
    • The Subjective Reality of Christian Religious Experience 335
    • The Individual Prerequisites for Christian Religious Experience 339
    • Concluding Synthesis on the Revelational Word 340
    • Epilogue: A Summary Reflection 342
    • Bibliography of Suggested Readings for the Exploratory Reader 345