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The Resurrection of Theism

Stuart C. Hackett (Wipf & Stock Publishers: Jan 2009), 381 pages.

This is the 2nd Edition of an epochal treatise in rationalistic theism. The 1st Edition is extremely rare, having been printed in hardbound by Moody Press in 1957 in a printing of only 2,000. Unfortunately, the plates were destroyed. The bottom line of this book is to show how to self-referentially analyze statements to eliminate the possibility of opposing views, and to prove the impossibility of an actually infinite temporal sequence or an actually infinite set of discrete extra-mental objects. Hence, believing that God exists is the end of a long metatheoretic journey, an intellectual cul-de-sac from which there is no logical escape, only a chosen one. Analyzing statements that refer to themselves dominates the entire work, even in relation to self-referential analysis itself and the prior structures of conceptionalization. ~ Rick James @

Table of Contents

    • Introduction 19
    • Analytical Table of Contents 25
  • Part I Rational Empiricism as a Basis for Christian Apologetics
    • Chapter I The Meaning of Rational Empiricism 37
    • Chapter II Positive Defense of the Synthetic A Priori Nature of the Categorical Structure 56
    • Chapter III An Answer to Objections Against Rational Empiricism 67
    • Chapter IV Corollaries of Rational Empiricism 95
  • Part II An Evaluation of Alternative Positions
    • Chapter I The Empirical Approach 117
    • Chapter II The Pragmatic Approach 146
    • Chapter III The Approach of Voluntaristic Rationalism: Presuppositionalism 154
  • Part III Natural Theology and the Existence of God
    • Section A The Theistic Argument from Natural Revelation
    • Chapter I The Classification of the Arguments 179
    • Chapter II The Ontological Argument: or the Argument from the Idea of Absolute Existence 184
    • Chapter III The Cosmological Argument: the Argument from the Fact of Particular Existence 194
    • Chapter IV The Teleological Argument: the Argument from the Nature of Total Existence 204
    • Section B An Answer to Objections Against the Theistic Arguments
    • Chapter I The Transcendental Argument of Mysticism 245
    • Chapter II The Expansive-Limiting Argument of Presuppositionalism 250
    • Chapter III The Reductive Argument of Immanuel Kant 261
    • Chapter IV The Destructive Argument of Critical Naturalism 278
    • Conclusion 365
    • Bibliography 367
    • Index 373