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The Soul

J.P. Moreland (Moody Publishers: February 14, 2014), 208 pages.

In a culture in which science is believed to hold the answers to every question, spiritual realities like the soul are often ignored or ridiculed.  We are told that neuroscience holds the key to explaining every aspect of human behavior.  Yet Christian philosopher J. P. Moreland argues that Scripture, sound philosophical reasoning, and everyday experience all point to the reality of an immaterial soul.  Countering the arguments of both naturalists and Christian scholars who embrace a material-only view of humanity, Moreland demonstrates why it is both biblical and reasonable to believe humans are essentially spiritual beings.  He also describes the various components of the soul and how Christians can nurture their souls as disciples of Christ.  Moreland shows that neuroscience and the soul are not competing explanations of human activity, but that both coexist and influence one another.  ~ Publisher’s Description

Table of Contents

    • Introduction: What’s So Important about the Soul and Consciousness?, 9
    • Chapter 1: A Toolbox for the Soul, 21
    • Chapter 2: The Bible on the Soul and Consciousness, 40
    • Chapter 3: The Nature and Reality of Consciousness, 74
    • Chapter 4: The Reality of the Soul, 117
    • Chapter 5: The Future of the Human Person, 155
    • Glossary, 194