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The Triumph of God over Evil

William Hasker (IVP Academic: Apr 30, 2008), 228 pages.

Noted philosopher William Hasker explores a full range of issues concerning the problem of evil. Having taken account of the current state of the discussion and squarely facing some of the most trenchant arguments marshaled by John K. Roth and D. Z. Phillips, Hasker forges a constructive answer in some depth showing why the evil in the world does not provide evidence of a moral fault in God, the world’s creator and governor. A fresh and provocative contribution to the ongoing discussion of theodicy. "Hasker’s book is a model of first-rate philosophy. Beginners are unlikely to get a better introduction to the problem of evil; Hasker is a master at summarizing and getting hold of the core of the issues at stake. Veterans will be brought up to speed on the current debate; Hasker is sure-footed and fair in his assessment of friend and foe. Through it all there shines a beautiful mind that manifests a heart on fire with honesty, compassion and robust faith." ~ William J. Abraham

Table of Contents

    • 1     What is the state of play? 15
    • 2     Does Auschwitz change everything? 30
    • 3     Are God and evil compatible? 55
    • 4     Can we understand creation? 74
    • 5     Is the world cruel? 101
    • 6     Why is life so hard? 147
    • 7     Shouldn’t God be doing more? 171
    • 8     Can God triumph over evil? 199
    • Index 227