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Themes from G. E. Moore

Susana Nuccetelli and Gary Seay, eds. (Oxford University Press: January 2008), 340 pages.

These thirteen original essays, whose authors include some of the world’s leading philosophers, examine themes from the work of the Cambridge philosopher G. E. Moore (1873-1958), and demonstrate his considerable continuing influence on philosophical debate. Part I bears on epistemological topics, such as skepticism about the external world, the significance of common sense, and theories of perception. Part II is devoted to themes in ethics, such as Moore’s open question argument, his non-naturalism, utilitarianism, and his notion of organic unities. ~ Product Description • "A welcome addition to the re-evaluation of Moore’s philosophical legacy. The book as a whole is well-organized; the authors cover a wide range of topics related to Moore’s work in epistemology and ethics. The well written essays are timely and the authors demonstrate the contemporary relevance of Moore’s work by showing how his views illuminate current disputes. This book will be useful to experts in the field and is accessible to those who are new comers to Moore’s work." ~ William Tolhurst, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

Table of Contents

    • Acknowledgments     vii
    • List of Contributors     viii
    • Introduction     1
    • Moorean Themes in Epistemology     23
    • The Perils of Dogmatism   Crispin Wright     25
    • Moore’s Proof   Ernest Sosa     49
    • Fixing the Transmission: The New Mooreans   Ram Neta     62
    • Moore’s Anti-skeptical Strategies   William G. Lycan     84
    • Moore’s Common Sense   C. A. J. Coady     100
    • G. E. Moore on Sense-data and Perception   Paul Snowdon     119
    • Moore’s Paradox and the Norm of Belief   Michael Huemer     142
    • Can the Dead Speak?   Roy Sorensen     158
    • Moorean Themes in Ethics     181
    • How is Moorean Value Related to Reasons for Attitudes?   Stephen Darwall     183
    • Moorean Moral Phenomenology   Terry Horgan   Mark Timmons     203
    • Open Questions and the Nature of Philosophical Analysis   Richard Fumerton     227
    • Desiring to Desire: Russell, Lewis, and G.E. Moore   Charles R. Pigden     244
    • What’s Right with the Open Question Argument   Susana Nuccetelli   Gary Seay     261
    • Non-naturalism   Robert Shaver     283
    • Beyond Moore’s Utilitarianism   Joshua Gert     307
    • Moore’s Account of Vindictive Punishment: A Test Case for Theories of Organic Unities   Jonathan Dancy     325
    • Index     343