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True for You, But Not for Me

Paul Copan (Bethany House: Jun 1, 1998), 192 pages.

The world is intolerant of Christian beliefs. You’ve probably heard many of the anti-Christian comebacks and conversation-enders that refute the relevance and validity of Christianity, including: “Who are you to impose your morality on others?” “What right do you have to convert others to your views?” “It doesn’t matter what you believe — as long as you’re sincere.” “You can’t trust the Gospels — they’re unreliable.” These comments don’t have to be conversation stoppers. Paul Copan offers you clear, concise, and thoughtful answers to these critical remarks in this revised and expanded edition of “True for You, But Not for Me.” He shows you how with “patience, practice, prayer, and God’s grace,” you can gently respond in ways that move into more meaningful conversations with those who object to your faith.

Table of Contents

    • Introduction     11
  • Part I: Absolutely Relative      15
    • 1. “That’s True for You, But Not for Me.”     23
    • 2. “So Many People Disagree — Relativism Must Be True.”     26
    • 3. “You’re Just Using Western Logic.”     29
    • 4. “Who Are You to Judge Others?”     32
    • 5. “Christians Are Intolerant of Other Viewpoints!”     35
    • 6. “What Right Do You Have to Convert Others to Your Views?”     38
  • Part II: The Absolutism of Moral Relativism     41
    • 7. “Your Values Are Right for You, But Not for Me.”     46
    • 8. “Who Are You to Say Another Culture’s Values Are Wrong?”     48
    • 9. “You Have the Right to Choose Your Own Values.”     52
    • 10. “We Act Morally Because of Biological Evolution or Social Conditioning.”     56
    • 11. “To Be Good, We Don’t Need God.”     63
  • Part III: The Exclusivism of Religious Pluralism     69
    • 12. “Christianity Is Arrogant and Imperialistic.”     78
    • 13. “If You Grew Up in India, You’d Be a Hindu.”     82
    • 14. “Mahatma Gandhi Was a Saint If Ever There Was One.”     86
  • Part IV: The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ. Myth or Reality?     91
    • 15. “You Can’t Trust the Gospels. They’re Unreliable.”     96
    • 16. “Jesus’ Followers Fabricated the Stories and Sayings of Jesus.”     100
    • 17. “Jesus Is Just Like Any Other Great Religious Leader.”     107
    • 18. “People Claim JFK and Elvis Are Alive, Too!”     110
    • 19. “But Jesus Never Said, ‘I Am God.'”     115
  • Part V: “No Other Name”. The Question of the Unevangelized     123
    • 20. “If Jesus Is the Only Way to God, What About Those Who Have Never Heard of Him?”
      Response #1: The Accessibility or Middle-Knowledge Perspective     127
    • 21. “If Jesus Is the Only Way…”
      Response #2: The Inclusivist or Wider-Hope View     133
    • 22. “It Doesn’t Matter What You Believe — as Long as You’re Sincere.”     145
    • 23. “Who Needs Jesus? And How Are They going to Find Out About Him?”     147
    • 24. “Why Can’t We Simply Give People the Gospel?”     154
  • Appendix: Discussion Questions     165