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True Reason

Tom Gilson and Carson Wietnauer (Kregel Publications: February 1, 2014), 320 pages.

Today’s New Atheists proclaim themselves our culture’s party of reason. It is a claim they cannot sustain. Reason is the New Atheists’ weakness, not their strength and in fact, the Christian faith is a far better place to look for True Reason. In sixteen carefully constructed essays by more than a dozen Christian thinkers including William Lane Craig, Sean McDowell, and Timothy McGrew,True Reason unmasks the frequent irrationality displayed by leading atheists like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens. The authors go on to show the great extent to which the Christian faith has historically supported sound reasoning, and that Christian thinkers, past and present, have demonstrated real excellence in reasoned, rational thinking. Making their case accessible to the first-time inquirer as well as the serious student, this top-flight team of writers presents a sound defense and a strong introduction to the true reason uniquely found in Christianity. This paperback edition has been revised and contains additional chapters not included in the first (eBook) edition.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Foreword (John Stonestreet)
  • 1. The Party of Reason? (Tom Gilson)
  • 2. The Irony of Atheism (Carson Weitnauer)
  • 3. Dawkins’s Delusion (William Lane Craig)
  • 4. Richard Dawkins’s Illusions (Chuck Edwards)
  • 5. Unreason at the Head of Project Reason (Tom Gilson)
  • 6. John Loftus and the Insider-Outsider Test for Faith (David Marshall)
  • 7. Atheism and the Argument from Reason (Lenny Esposito)
  • 8. The Explanatory Emptiness of Naturalism (David Wood)
  • 9. Reason in a Christian Context (Peter Grice)
  • 10. The Marriage of Faith and Reason (David Marshall)
  • 11. Faith and Reason in Historical Perspective (David Marshall and Timothy McGrew)
  • 12. A Sun to See By—Christianity, Meaning, and Morality (Samuel J. Youngs)
  • 13. Are Science and Christianity at Odds? (Sean McDowell)
  • 14. God and Science Do Mix (Tom Gilson)
  • 15. The Problem of Evil and Reasonable Christian Responses (John M. DePoe)
  • 16. Historical Evidences for the Gospels (Randall Hardman)
  • 17. Did God Command the Genocide of the Canaanites? (Matthew Flannagan)
  • 18. Christianity and Slavery (Glenn Sunshine)
  • Epilogue (Carson Weitnauer)
  • Contributors