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True Story

James Choung (InterVarsity Press: Apr 2008), 231 pages.

In this engaging narrative, James Choung weaves a tale of a search for a Christianity worth believing in. Disillusioned believer Caleb and hostile skeptic Anna wrestle with the plausibility of the Christian story in a world of pain and suffering. They ask each other tough questions about what Jesus really came to do and what Christianity is supposed to be about. Along the way, they have some surprising realizations that real Christianity is far bigger than anything they ever heard in church. And the conversion that comes is not one that either of them expects. Join Caleb and Anna on their spiritual journeys as they probe Christianity from inside and out. Get past the old cliches and simplistic formulas. And discover a new way of understanding and presenting the Christian faith that really matters in a broken world. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • Before We Start     9
    • Once Upon a Time     13
    • Prologue: A Crisis of Faith     15
    • Designed for Good     39
    • Damaged by Evil     77
    • Restored for Better     117
    • Sent Together to Heal     149
    • Epilogue: New Beginnings?     181
    • Behind the Scenes     189
    • The Big Story: Why We Need It     191
    • Three Movements: The Direction of the Big Story     195
    • Not a Quick Fix: The Purpose of the Big Story     201
    • A Walk-Through: Explaining the Big Story     205
    • Sharing the Big Story     219
    • Acknowledgments     223
    • Notes     225
    • About the Author     232