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What Has Christianity Ever Done for Us?

Jonathan Hill (InterVarsity Press : August 20, 2005), 192 pages.

What has Christianity ever done for us? What value is there in seeking to preserve its influence today? In this book, Jonathan Hill answers these questions with some questions of his own. For instance, why do we seal wine bottles with cork? Where did musical notation come from? How did universities get their start? And why was the world’s first fully literate society not in Europe, Asia or North America? As Hill tells the story of the centuries-long entanglement between Christianity and Western culture, he shows the profound influence that Christianity has had–from what we drink to how we speak, from how we write to how we mark the seasons. Employing a rich, narrative style packed with events and people and illustrated throughout in full color, he describes the place of Christianity both in history and in the present day. What Has Christianity Ever Done for Us? is an enlightening and often humorous tour of culture and thought, the arts, the landscape, education, society, spirituality and ethics, and social justice. Here is a rich, entertaining and informative read. ~ Book Description

Table of Contents

    • Ch. 1 Culture and thought 8
    • Ch. 2 The arts 29
    • Ch. 3 The landscape 55
    • Ch. 4 Education, education, education 84
    • Ch. 5 The individual, society and the world 105
    • Ch. 6 A way of life 131
    • Ch. 7 Changing the world 152
    • Ch. 8 What will Christianity do for us? 181