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What’s Wrong?

David Boonin and Graham Oddie (Oxford University Press: February 2, 2009), 640 pages.

Is abortion morally permissible? Is it wrong to hunt animals for sport or to slaughter them for food? Should human cloning be permitted? Is torture ever justified? Now in a second edition, What’s Wrong? Applied Ethicists and Their Critics presents a thorough and engaging exploration of these complex questions and twenty-four other contemporary ethical issues. Employing a unique approach to teaching argumentation, editors David Boonin and Graham Oddie open each chapter with an influential article that takes a strong stand on a particular issue; the essays that immediately follow offer objections and critical responses to the arguments put forth in the featured selection. This format helps students learn how to better engage in debates because it illustrates how philosophers argue with each other. Featuring a new section on applied ethics and ethical theory, the general introduction to this second edition also describes strategies for understanding and evaluating the different types of arguments contained in the readings. Detailed part and chapter introductions — streamlined in this edition — enable students to see precisely how the arguments presented in the various writings are related to one another. Questions for Consideration and updated and expanded Further Reading Lists are included at the end of each chapter. Featuring more than eighty readings organized into five parts — killing, sex, the family, race relations, and the state — What’s Wrong? includes seminal essays by prominent philosophers alongside work by newer voices in the field. Addressing five new cutting-edge issues — overpopulation, campus hate speech codes, hate crime laws, torture, and global warming — the second edition includes fifteen new readings. Ideal for courses in applied ethics/contemporary moral problems and introduction to ethics, What’s Wrong?, Second Edition, can also be used in critical thinking courses that emphasize philosophical argumentation. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • Introduction : what’s wrong with arguing?
    • 1    Is killing in war wrong?
    • 2    Is euthanasia wrong?
    • 3    Is abortion wrong?
    • 4    Is infantacide wrong?
    • 5    Is killing nonhuman animals wrong?
    • 6    Is homosexuality wrong?
    • 7    Is “outing” homosexuals wrong?
    • 8    Is adultery wrong?
    • 9    Is Antioch’s “sexual offense policy” wrong?
    • 10    Is prostitution wrong?
    • 11    Is neglecting one’s parents wrong?
    • 12    Is the traditional family wrong?
    • 13    Is licensing parents wrong?
    • 14    Is same-sex marriage wrong?
    • 15    Is affirmative action wrong?
    • 16    Are reparations for slavery wrong?
    • 17    Is a white musician playing the blues wrong?
    • 18    Is racial profiling wrong?
    • 19    Is failing to divest from immoral companies wrong?
    • 20    Is insider trading wrong?
    • 21    Is marketing human organs wrong?
    • 22    Is commercial surrogate motherhood wrong?
    • 23    Is failing to contribute to famine relief wrong?
    • 24    Is redistributive taxation wrong?
    • 25    Is capital punishment wrong?
    • 26    Is all punishment wrong?
    • 27    Is a government ban on tobacco wrong?
    • 28    Is a government ban on cloning wrong?
    • 29    Is inheriting wealth wrong?
    • 30    Is criminalizing blackmail wrong?
    • 31    Is punishming people for bad luck wrong?
    • 32    Is refusing to work wrong?
    • 33    Is copying this book wrong?