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When Athens Met Jerusalem

John Mark Reynolds (IVP Academic: April 2009), 266 pages.

Christian theology shaped and is shaping many places in the world, but it was the Greeks who originally gave a philosophic language to Christianity. John Mark Reynolds’s book When Athens Met Jerusalem provides students a well-informed introduction to the intellectual underpinnings (Greek, Roman and Christian) of Western civilization and highlights how certain current intellectual trends are now eroding those very foundations. This work makes a powerful contribution to the ongoing faith versus reason debate, showing that these two dimensions of human knowing are not diametrically opposed, but work together under the direction of revelation. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • Preface 9
    • Acknowledgments    11
    • Introduction: Athens and Jerusalem    13
    • 1   Building Athens: Philosophy Before Socrates    23
    • 2   The Death Of A Good Man    55
    • 3   The Ideal Philosopher: Plato and His Teachings    69
    • 4   Follow The Logos Wherever It Leads: What Is a Dialogue?    88
    • 5   In Love With The Good    123
    • 6   The City In Words: On Justice    150
    • 7   The Likely Story: The Timaeus    174
    • 8   Breaking With The Master: Aristotle and the "Other" Path    185
    • 9   The Middle Way: Aristotle’s Ethics    203
    • 10   Preparing The Way For Christ: Hellenistic Philosophy    221
    • 11   A Postscript: Where Do We Go from Here?    246
    • Reading List    255
    • Index    259