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Why I Am a Christian

John Stott (InterVarsity Press: Jan 2004), 128 pages.

In a time when many Christian authors recommend the claims of Christian faith by descriptions of faith encounters and invitations to “dance with the mystery,” Stott, author of many foundational apologetic works, offers a clear and compelling account of the theological basis for his own belief. He begins by explaining the sense of God’s own pursuit of him, providing illustrations from the lives of famous Christians with similar experiences. He continues with a logical examination of the claims and character of Jesus as seen in Scripture. The last section discusses the nature and needs of human beings, explaining how those needs are fully met through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The book concludes with a simple invitation for the reader to respond to the claims of Christ personally, offering a sample prayer. For some readers, the book will seem overly structured, since Stott frequently reviews the logical points of each section. For those accustomed to arguments conducted by way of emotive stories, his reliance on logic may feel a bit dry. But readers of a more analytical temperament will find a compelling discussion of the claims of Christ in a remarkably readable, brief form. It’s the sort of book that Christians who need a more reasoned, thoughtful approach to their faith will read and then pass along to skeptical friends. ~ Publishers Weekly

Table of Contents

    • Preface    9
    • 1.    The Hound of Heaven    13
    • 2.    The Claims of Jesus    33
    • 3.    The Cross of Christ    49
    • 4.    The Paradox of Our Humanness    65
    • 5.    The Key to Freedom    81
    • 6.    The Fulfillment of Our Aspirations    95
    • 7.    The Greatest of All Invitations    115
    • Notes    134
    • Scripture Index    139