Consider all. Test All. Hold on to the good.

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Without a Doubt Answering the 20 Toughest Faith Questions

It can be difficult to answer questions about the Christian faith-even for Christians who regularly read their Bibles and attend church. What can they say to a skeptic who questions Christian doctrine or truth claims? What about young Christians who want answers to their tough questions? Without a Doubt covers questions on everything from the doctrine of the incarnation to religious pluralism, from evolution to moral relativism, with rational answers for even the most stubborn skeptic. Chapters contain charts, relevant biblical texts, and outlines to help readers grasp key ideas relevant to proclaiming the gospel to an unbeliever or discussing doctrine with another Christian. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents 

    • List of Tables    9
    • Foreword    11
    • Acknowledgments    13
    • Introduction: Playing Twenty Questions with Life    15
  • Part 1    Thinking Through Questions about Faith in God
    • 1.    How Can Anyone Know That God Exists?    21
    • 2.    How Can I Believe in a God I Can’t See?    34
    • 3.    How Has God Revealed Himself?    42
    • 4.    Aren’t the Creeds a Thing of the Past?    52
    • 5.    How Can God Be Three and One?    63
    • 6.    Why Should I Gamble on Faith?    77
  • Part 2    Thinking Through Questions about Faith in Jesus Christ
    • 7.    Are the Gospels Trustworthy Accounts of Jesus’ Life?    91
    • 8.    Is Jesus a Man, Myth, Madman, Menace, Mystic, Martian, or the Messiah?    104
    • 9.    How Can Jesus Christ Be Both God and Man?    120
    • 10.    Did Jesus Christ Actually Rise from the Dead?    134
    • 11.    Why Did Jesus Christ Have to Die?    148
  • Part 3    Thinking Through Objections to the Christian Faith
    • 12.    Don’t All Religions Lead to God?    161
    • 13.    How Should Christians Respond to the World’s Religions?    171
    • 14.    Aren’t Christianity and Science Enemies?    187
    • 15.    Doesn’t Hypocrisy Invalidate Christianity?    201
    • 16.    Don’t I Have a Right to Do What I Want with My Own Body?    211
    • 17.    Doesn’t Christianity Promote Intolerance?    222
    • 18.    Isn’t Morality Simply in the Eye of the Beholder?    229
    • 19.    How Can a Good and All-Powerful God Allow Evil?    239
    • 20.    How Should a Christian Prepare to Give Reasons for Faith?    255
    • Notes    261
    • Name Index    275
    • Scripture Index    277
    • Subject Index    283