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Does God Exist? Debates

Nathan Jacobson

The age old question of the existence of God has made headlines recently with Al Sharpton’s debate with Christopher Hitchens and ABC’s, Does God Exist? The Nightline Face-off. In the latter, Ray Comfort, a street preacher who is a regular fixture on Santa Monica’s 6th Street promenade, and Kirk Cameron, of Growing Pains fame, argued in the affirmative. Brian Sapient and Kelly of the Rational Response Squad argued for the irrationality of belief in God. One could have hoped, considering the import of such a momentous question, that ABC might have sought out philosophers more up to the task, but that probably wouldn’t have made for “good TV”. Instead, the viewer was treated to a foursome of philosophical lightweights. There were some high points. Despite his malapropism, calling fundamentally philosophical arguments “scientific proof”, Ray Comfort’s articulation of the complexity of the human body as a part of his argument from design was eloquent enough. And Brian and Kelly delivered a number of zingers that left Ray and Kirk speechless. But mostly, at best, both sides offered sophomoric versions of the arguments that need to be reckoned with when considering the evidence for and against the existence of God. Fortunately, more capable thinkers have addressed this question more profitably. William Lane Craig is well known for arguing for the rationality of belief in God and a number of his debates with worthy opponents can be found online. His debate with Michael Tooley at the University of Colorado is especially worth reading. JP Moreland’s and Kai Nielsen’s debate, published in the volume, Does God Exist?, is still an excellent read and features commentary from a number of thinkers who add valuable insight. Many other relevant volumes line the shelves at, including Richard Swinburne’s, The Existence of God, and George Smith’s classic, Atheism: The Case Against God. Online, Wikipedia provides a helpful catalog of the arguments for the Existence of God. Tim Holt makes the argument for the existence of God in summary form at as does All About God, weighing both philosophical and scientific considerations. The Secular Web provides the counterpoint with a roundup of logical arguments for atheism.

Despite my disappointment with the quality of ABC Nightline’s debate, the question of God’s existence should not simply be the province of professional philosophers. We are all philosophers to the extent that we think and hold beliefs for certain reasons. It is a virtue for all persons to hone their critical thinking and to test their beliefs by philosophical reasoning. Therefore, it behooves us to consider the best arguments for or against a proposition, and the question of God’s existence deserved a better hearing than it received on ABC. So, by all means, avail yourselves of the resources listed above and give this great question its due.