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New Design and Features

I hope you’re enjoying’s new look. In addition, I’ve recently added a few new features that I hope make the site even more useful. First, the entire site now features RSS feeds. You can subscribe to any section or category, or just to the front page to be sure to get our featured posts. Look for the RSS (it’s subtle) in the banner above as you browse the site. Secondly, I’ve added a print view for longer articles, like those found in Paper TrailsClippings, and Book Reflections. This feature is helpful not only for printing but also if you happen to prefer reading black text on white instead of on our lovely ochre. Third, we’ve added the Google Translator to the left. So if you’ve got a friend whose “english not so good”, feel free to point them to the site anyway. I’m only able to judge the Spanish translations, and though not perfect, they’re not bad either. Finally, you can also use the define link at the left to easily look up some of the more esoteric philosophical terms you’ll find here. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.