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Dallas Willard

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Dallas Willard on Evolution

Evolution, whether cosmic or biological, cannot — logically cannot! — be a theory of ultimate origins of existence or order, precisely because its operations always ... » Go

Truth: Can We Do Without It?

Dallas Willard offers a fresh appeal for the benificence and salience of truth, arguing that it has largely fallen into disrepute because of misunderstanding. The ... » Go

Dallas Willard on Taking Jesus Seriously

Historically, conservative Christians became suspicious of any talk of Jesus as "teacher" because liberals, or "Modernists," used it as a way of saying that he ... » Go

Dallas Willard on Cussing

Recently cultural observers have noted the overwhelming rise in the use of filthy language, especially among young people. Curiously, few have been able to find any grounds ... » Go

Dallas Willard on the Intelligence of Jesus

Here is a profoundly significant fact: In our culture, among Christian and non-Christians alike, Jesus Christ is automatically disassociated from brilliance or intellectual capacity. Not ... » Go

Dallas Willard on a Fresh Hearing for Jesus

My hope is to gain a fresh hearing for Jesus, especially among those who believe they already understand him. In his case, quite frankly, presumed familiarity has ... » Go