Francis Schaeffer

Francis A. Schaeffer on Communication

Communication means that an idea which I have in my mind passes through my lips (or fingers, in most art forms) and reaches the other person’s mind. ... » Go

Francis A. Schaeffer on Absolutes

What were these presuppositions? The basic one was that there really are such things as absolutes. [The last generation] accepted the possibility of an absolute ... » Go

Francis A. Schaeffer on Modernism

They believed they could begin with themselves and without having to depart from the logic of antithesis. They thought that on their own, rationalistically, finite ... » Go

Francis A. Schaeffer on Neo-Orthodoxy

[T]he scientific symbol has become an important tool for writing increasingly lengthy formulae with greater accuracy. In other words, it has value according to the sharpness of ... » Go

Francis A. Schaeffer on Blind Faith

“I do not ask for answers, I just believe.” This sounds spiritual, and it deceives many fine people. These are often young men and women who are ... » Go

Francis A. Schaeffer on Faith in Faith

Probably the best way to describe this concept of modern theology is to say that it is faith in faith, rather than faith directed to an ... » Go