Alvin Plantinga

Knowledge of God

Is belief in God epistemically justified? That’s the question at the heart of this volume in the Great Debates in Philosophy series, with Alvin Plantinga ... » Go

Two Dozen (or so) Theistic Arguments

I’ve been arguing that theistic belief does not (in general) need argument either for deontological justification, or for positive epistemic status, (or for Foley rationality ... » Go

Alvin Plantinga Defining Christian Belief

Christian belief is produced by a cognitive process (the “internal instigation of the Holy Spirit” [in Aquinas’ words] or the “internal testimony of the Holy ... » Go

Alvin Plantinga on Religious Pluralism

[T]here is something wholly self-defeating, so it seems to me, in [John] Hick’s posture. If we take [his] position, then we can’t say, for example, ... » Go

Alvin Plantinga on Theistic Arguments

In God and Other Minds, I argued first that the theistic proofs or arguments do not succeed. In evaluating these arguments I employed a traditional ... » Go

Alvin Plantinga on Religion as a Placebo

[I]s this posture in fact possible for a human being: can a person accept it, and accept it authentically, without bad faith or doublethink? I ... » Go

On Christian Scholarship

Our general question is: how can our university be a proper Catholic or Christian university? What would such a university be like? This question is a ... » Go

Theism, Atheism, and Rationality

Alvin Plantinga argues that a natural way to understand such notions as rationality and irrationality is in terms of the proper functioning of the relevant ... » Go

God, Freedom, and Evil

God, Freedom and Evil is a short work, originally published in the mid-1970s, wherein Plantinga addresses issues pertaining to the existence of God. The book draws upon ... » Go