William P. Alston

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A Philosophers Way Back to the Faith

I must begin by confessing that I am quite unaccustomed to testifying, which is what I have let myself in for by agreeing to write ... » Go

Knowledge of God

In this essay I shall explore the possibilities for knowledge of God that are opened up by recent developments in epistemology that go under the ... » Go

The Experiential Basis of Theism

Alston notes two pillars that he believes, in tandem, support theistic belief: the general consideration of natural theology and the experience of God. For Alston, ... » Go

Why I am a Christian

Philosopher William Alston articulates why he returned to Christianity after discarding his Christian faith not once, but twice. Alston notes that it was not any ... » Go

Divine-Human Dialogue and the Nature of God

William Alston brings a philosopher’s perspective to prayer, the somewhat audacious belief that humans can speak with God. Alston considers in particular the yet more ... » Go