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Who Chose the Gospels?

Charles E. Hill (Oxford University Press: September 30, 2010), 240 pages.

Table of Contents

    • Introduction: Drowning in a Sea of Gospels
    • 1. The Proof is in the Papyri: Gospel Bestsellers from Egyptian Garbage Dumps
    • 2. Silencing the Bishop, Part I: The Lonely Irenaeus
    • 3. Silencing the Bishop, Part II: The Ugly Irenaeus
    • 4. Irenaeus’ ‘Co-conspirators’: Clement, Serapion, and a Canon-list-maker
    • 5. ‘Packaging’ the Gospels: of Harmonies, Synopses, and Codices
    • 6. Preaching and Teaching the Gospels: Justin Martyr and the Apostles’ Memoirs
    • 7. Justin’s ‘Co-conspirators’: The Gospels as Public Documents
    • 8. Some ‘Proto-conspirators’: Two Forgers and an Apologist
    • 9. Some ‘Co-proto-conspirators’: The Apostolic Fathers
    • 10. The Search for an ‘Arch-conspirator’: A Bishop, an Elder, and an Elderly Apostle
    • 11. Who Chose the Gospels?
    • Appendix: Dates of the earliest manuscripts of the canonical Gospels Glossary Index