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Foolishness to the Greeks

Lesslie Newbigin (Eerdmans: Apr 1986), 156 pages.

How can biblical authority be a reality for those shaped by the modern world? This book treats the First World as a mission field, offering a unique perspective on the relationship between the gospel and current society by presenting an outsider’s view of contemporary Western culture. “This is an extraordianry book on contemporary missiology. Writing from four decades of experience in Christian mission, Lesslie Newbigin applies the same discernment involved in contextualizing the gospel in another culture to the issues involved in contextualizing the gospel in our Western culture. He lays bare the pervasive and sublte synergism that alters the gospel, and he calls us to a thorough critique of our culture and of the way in which we understand or misunderstand the gospel of Christ and his good news of the kingdom of God.” ~ Mission Focus

Table of Contents

    • Preface
    • Post-Enlightenment Culture as a Missionary Problem
    • Profile of a Culture
    • The Word in the World
    • What can we know? The Dialogue with Science
    • What is to be done? The Dialogue with Politics
    • What must we be? The Call to the Church
    • Select Bibliography
    • Index