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Living at the Crossroads

Michael W. Goheen and Craig G. Bartholomew (Baker Academic: Nov 1, 2008), 224 pages.

How can Christians live faithfully at the crossroads of the story of Scripture and postmodern culture? In Living at the Crossroads, authors Michael Goheen and Craig Bartholomew explore this question as they provide a general introduction to Christian worldview. Ideal for both students and lay readers, Living at the Crossroads lays out a brief summary of the biblical story and the most fundamental beliefs of Scripture. The book tells the story of Western culture from the classical period to postmodernity. The authors then provide an analysis of how Christians live in the tension that exists at the intersection of the biblical and cultural stories, exploring the important implications in key areas of life, such as education, scholarship, economics, politics, and church.

Table of Contents

    • 1 Gospel, story, worldviews, and the church’s mission 1
    • 2 What is a worldview? 11
    • 3 A Biblical worldview : creation and sin 31
    • 4 A Biblical worldview : restoration 51
    • 5 The Western story : the roots of modernity 67
    • 6 The Western story : the growth of modernity 82
    • 7 What time is it? : four signs of our time in the Western story 107
    • 8 Living at the crossroads : a faithful, relevant witness 127
    • 9 Life at the crossroads : perspectives on some areas of public life 146
    • Pastoral postscript 174
    • Notes 179
    • Scripture index 199
    • Subject index 201