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The Two Tasks of the Christian Scholar

William Lane Craig, Habib Malik, and Paul M. Gould, eds. (Crossway Books: October 2007), 208 pages.

In September 1980 Charles Malik gave a powerful talk on the need for evangelicals to reclaim the mind, and to reclaim the universities. It was published that year in a brief book called The Two Tasks. A century after his birth, a number of Christian scholars, including his son, commemorates Malik and his stirring address. Thus this book. Seven Christian thinkers, including Peter Kreeft and William Lane Craig, remind us of the crucial importance of what Charles Malik said on that September day. And it was indeed a vital message. I have pulled from my shelves that quite thin volume (a mere 37 pages) and reread that incisive message. Malik rightly said that the “greatest danger besetting American Evangelical Christianity is the danger of anti-intellectualism.” He also said that the most urgent need is “not only to win souls but to save minds”. He correctly noted that the universities are the real battle ground today, and we need to see Christ exalted there as much as anywhere else. ~ William Muehlenberg at

Table of Contents

    • Contributors     7
    • Foreword: Reflections on Charles Malik   Habib C. Malik     11
    • The Two Tasks Introduced: The Fully Integrated Life of the Christian Scholar   Paul M. Gould     17
    • The Two Tasks   Charles Malik     55
    • The Two Tasks Revisited: Being a Christian in the Era of Civilization Clashes   Habib C. Malik     67
    • Where Would We Be Today If We Took Charles Malik’s Christian Critique of the University to Heart?   Peter Kreeft     85
    • On Being a Christian Professor in the Secular Academy   Walter L. Bradley     109
    • Spherical Cows and Mars Hill: A Heuristic Approach to the Two Tasks   Robert Kaita     127
    • The Text’s the Thing: Reflections from the Humanities   John North     155
    • Concluding Thoughts on the Two Tasks of the Christian Scholar   William Lane Craig     177
    • General Index     191
    • Scripture Index     199