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Survival of the Rhetoricians

Nathan Jacobson

For any of you nostalgic for your days sparring for your high-school debate team, here’s a spirited argument of the point-counterpoint variety that is sure to please. A while back Jonathan Wells, author of The Icons of Evolution, shot off the salvo, “Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher about Evolution“. The National Center for Science Education has offered its own defense in lieu of your own local “high school biology professor”. And now, to counter that counterpunch, Wells has written “Inherit the Spin” wherein he countenances each of the NCSE’s answers and finds them unsatisfying. With this most recent contribution Wells has elevated the debate considerably and one hopes that the NCSE will return for round four.

0 thoughts on “Survival of the Rhetoricians

  1. 533 says:

    This, unfortunately, is not a comment on this post. It’s however directed to Nathan. “Why don’t you post anymore?” is my question. I have been an avid reader and follower and I keep wanting more. Please post some more or at least let us know about your spiritual/intellectual journey. Thanks.