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Taylor Sheridan as Elsa Dutton on a Wonderful World, Full of Monsters

Elsa Dutton voice over in "The River", Episode 3, 1883, written by Tyler Sheridan (2021).

We were on two journeys.  
One leading to danger, and despair, and death.
The other adventure and wonder.
I didn’t know that they would collide.
I didn’t know how cruel and uncaring the world could be.
The world doesn’t care if you die.
It won’t listen to your screams.
If you bleed the ground will drink your blood.
It doesn’t care that you’re cut.
When I meet God the first thing I want to ask him is…
Why make the world with such wonders
and yet fill it with such monsters?
Why make flowers and put snakes to hide underneath them?
For what purpose does the tornado serve?
Then it hit me … He didn’t make it for us.