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J.P. Moreland on Academic Accomodation

Love God With All Your Mind (Colorado Springs: NavPress, 1997), p. 111.

Unfortunately, I have seen too many Christian thinkers who have a certain texture or posture in life that gives the impression that they are far more concerned with assuring their academic colleagues that they are not ignorant fundamentalists than they are with pleasing God and serving His people. Such thinkers often give up too much intellectual real estate far too readily to secular or other perspectives inimical to the Christian faith. This is why many average Christian folk are suspicious of the mind today. All too often, they have seen intellectual growth in Christian academics lead to a cynical posture unfaithful to the spirit of the Christian way. Fidelity to God and His cause is the core commitment of a growing Christian mind.

One thought on “J.P. Moreland on Academic Accomodation

  1. Sunep says:

    Not only is his quotation beautiful and true, he himself is an exemplary life of a Christian intellectual. Thanks J P, you never know how much you influenced my thinking.

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