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N.T. Wright on the Resurrection’s Historical Import

The Challenge of Jesus: Rediscovering Who Jesus Was and Is (InterVarsity Press: 1999), p. 127.

I stress the historical angle from the outset because it has of course been argued, indeed insisted upon, in many circles that whatever we mean by the resurrection of Jesus, it is not accessible to historical investigation. As Dominic Crossan remarked about the study of Jesus in general, there have been some who said it could not be done, some who said it should not be done and some who said the former when they meant the latter. Getting to the heart of these objections and answering them in detail would take us far too afield within a single chapter. I simply wish to assert that the historian, so far from being debarred from the investigation of Jesus’ resurrection, is in fact obligated to undertake such an investigation. Without it a large hole remains in the center of first-century history, no matter what presuppositions the historian may possess.

One thought on “N.T. Wright on the Resurrection’s Historical Import

  1. nathanjacobson says:

    I’ve noticed that in his writings for a general audience, Wright often remarks that he simply can’t elaborate on this point or that in the space allowed. I can’t help but wonder if he ever defers in this way in his 817 page The Resurrection of the Son of God 😉 Can one get away with that excuse when that many pages were at your disposal? Of course, once you’ve gotten a book of that magnitude under your belt, I suppose you’ve earned the luxury of being able to say: “I refer you to…”

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