Abraham Lincoln

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Reconciling All Things

This book inaugurates the Resources for Reconciliation series, a joint venture of the publisher and Duke Divinity Schoola’s Center for Reconciliation. The two authors, codirectors ... » Go

Hard Questions, Real Answers

Craig has outdone himself with this book. Much of his earlier writing contains the same concise logic and strong argumentation, but "Hard Questions, Real Answers" ... » Go

Art and Soul

More Christians than ever before are studying and working in music, painting, sculpture, theater, television, film, architecture and more. Are you one of them? If ... » Go

Art in Action

This book advances an argument rooted in Christian narrative but driven largely by a philosophical engine that privileges rigorous analytic logic and careful scientific scrutiny. ... » Go

C.S. Lewis on Worship

When I first began to draw near to belief in God and for some time¬†after it had been given to me, I found a stumbling ... » Go