Consider all. Test All. Hold on to the good.

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C.S. Lewis

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C.S. Lewis on Creation Myths

I suspect that many people assume that some clear doctrine of creation underlies all religions: that in Paganism the gods, or one of the gods, usually created ... » Go

C.S. Lewis on Praise and Worship

I have never noticed that all enjoyment spontaneously overflows into praise unless (sometimes even if) shyness or the fear of boring others is deliberately brought in to ... » Go

C.S. Lewis on God’s Self-Existence

As we have seen, even in the creation-myths, gods have beginnings. Most of them have fathers and mothers; often we know their birthplaces. There is no question ... » Go

C.S. Lewis on Lust

We use a most unfortunate idiom when we say, of a lustful man prowling the streets, that he “wants a woman”. Strictly speaking, a woman ... » Go

C.S. Lewis on Imitating Christ

What is near Him by likeness is never, by that fact alone, going to be any nearer. But nearness of approach is, by definition, increasing ... » Go

C.S. Lewis on Joy or Sehnsucht

The first is itself the memory of a memory. As I stood beside a flowering currant bush on a summer day there suddenly arose in me without ... » Go

C.S. Lewis on Immanence

Up till now each visitation of Joy had left the common world momentarily a desert. “The first touch of the earth went nigh to kill.” Even when ... » Go

C.S. Lewis on a Distant Voice

But then, and quite different from such pleasures, and like a voice from far more distant regions, there came a moment when I idly turned the pages ... » Go

C.S. Lewis on Interference

No word in my vocabulary expressed deeper hatred than the word Interference. But Christianity placed at the center what then seemed to me a sort of transcendental ... » Go

C.S. Lewis on Loving Books

One other thing that Arthur taught me was to love the bodies of books. I had always respected them. My brother and I might cut ... » Go