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Being Good

In this volume university professors — experts in theology and philosophy — explore what Being Good looks like on a practical level. Coming from a ... » Go

God Matters

God Matters is a state-of-the-art, accessible anthology of the major issues in philosophy of religion. Its accessibility is due to its mix of classic readings ... » Go

R. Douglas Geivett Channeling Relativism

[Speaking rhetorically] The mere suggestion that Jesus might be the only way to achieve authentic religious fulfillment smacks of bigoted narrowness and rigid exclusiveness. While ... » Go

Evil and the Evidence for God

Many have thought that the reality of evil in the world makes the existence of God unlikely and religious belief irrational. The most influential contemporary ... » Go

R. Douglas Geivett on Revelation

The proliferation of religious options is ample testimony that humans everywhere desire meaningful contact with ultimate religious reality. But human religious diversity signals that something ... » Go

R. Douglas Geivett on Design

If the conditions in our universe were not what they are, within a very small margin of flexibility, no life of any kind would be ... » Go

R. Douglas Geivett on Theism

When we are told by a perfect stranger that he believes in God, we still don’t know much about the person. That is partly because ... » Go

R. Douglas Geivett on Religious Pluralism

Thus, we find members of the human community resisting God’s attempts to establish lines of communication with himself. Some, in fact, are scandalized by the ... » Go