Consider all. Test All. Hold on to the good.

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JP Moreland

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With degrees in philosophy, theology and chemisty, Dr. Moreland brings erudition, passion, and his distinctive ebullience to the end of loving God with all of one's mind. Moreland received his B.S. in Chemistry (with honors) from the University of Missouri, his M.A. in Philosophy (with highest honors) from the University of California, Riverside, his Th.M. in Theology (with honors) from Dallas Theological Seminary and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Southern California. Dr. Moreland has taught theology and philosophy at several schools throughout the U.S. He is currently Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Biola University's Talbot School of Theology.


Things are particulars and their qualities are universals, but do universals have an existence distinct from the particular things? And what must be their nature ... » Go

Body & Soul

While most people throughout history have believed that we are both physical and spiritual beings, the rise of science has called into question the existence ... » Go

Theories of Individuation

The metaphysical problem of individuation requires an answer to two different but intimately related questions: 1) How are we to characterize individuality ontologically? To what ... » Go

J.P. Moreland on Belief

It is unproductive to try to believe something beyond your grounds for believing it and dishonest to act as if you believe something more strongly ... » Go

J.P. Moreland on Faith

Throughout church history, theologians have expressed three different aspects of biblical faith: notitia (knowledge), fiducia (trust), and assensus (assent). Notitia refers to the data or ... » Go

J.P. Moreland on Relativism

[M]oral relativism suffers from a problem known as the reformer’s dilemma. If normative relativism is true, then it is logically impossible for a society to ... » Go