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Thomas Nagel on Why There is Anything

The existence of our universe might be explained by scientific cosmology, but such an explanation would still have to refer to features of some larger ... » Go

Thomas Nagel on Darwinism and Subjectivism

How is it possible that creatures like ourselves, supplied with the contingent capacities of a biological species whose very existence appears to be radically accidental, should have ... » Go

Thomas Nagel on Ethics

[J]ust as there was no guarantee at the beginning of cosmological and scientific speculation that we humans had the capacity to arrive at objective truth ... » Go

Thomas Nagel on Rationalization Presupposing Reason

The ordinary charge of “rationalization,” like the exposure of errors in reasoning, does not question the claims of reason itself but rather presupposes them. It ... » Go

The View From Nowhere

Human beings have the unique ability to view the world in a detached way: We can think about the world in terms that transcend our ... » Go

Thomas Nagel on Free Will

The question “What is action?” is much broader than the problem of free will, for it applies even to the activity of spider and to ... » Go