C.S. Lewis

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The Cardinal Difficulty of Naturalism

If Naturalism is true, every finite thing or event must be (in principle) explicable in terms of the Total System. I say ‘explicable in principle‘ because ... » Go

The Way

Lewis continues his train of thought from “Men Without Chests”, criticizing the project of subjectivizing value. Lewis thinks the stakes are as grave as they ... » Go

C.S. Lewis on Appreciation

Pleasures of Appreciation are very different. They make us feel that something has not merely gratified our senses in fact but claimed our appreciation by ... » Go

C.S. Lewis on Evading God

But to evade the Son of Man, to look the other way, to pretend you haven’t noticed, to become suddenly absorbed in something on the ... » Go

C.S. Lewis on Pagan Parallels

And I still think that the agnostic argument from similarities between Christianity and paganism works only if you know the answer. If you start by knowing on ... » Go

C.S. Lewis on Prayer

Praying for particular things,’ said I, ‘always seems to me like advising God how too run the world. Wouldn’t it be wiser to assume that He knows ... » Go


This book by CS Lewis was probably his most philosophical work. As such, it is not a light read at all and would probably prove ... » Go

The Poison of Subjectivism

One cause of misery and vice is always present with us in the greed and pride of men, but at certain periods in history this ... » Go